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Artiste manager, Bulldog accuses Speaker Oquaye of selfishness



Former manager of songster, Shatta Wale, Bulldog has called out the Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Mike Oquaye, saying he and his colleagues have done nothing for Ghanaians in their tenure.

He said this after the Speaker urged government to improve the conditions of service for parliamentarians.

Bulldog said they should stop the unnecessary selfishness and think about the welfare of the citizens and how best to implement laws that will help shape the future of the nation.

The artiste manager stated in a post on his Facebook page.

“Honourable Mike Oquaye please tell us what you and your colleagues have done to benefit the youth of Ghana in all your time in the high office of Parliament for it to warrant improvement of conditions of service for parliamentarians.

“90 percent of the youth are jobless, homeless and can barely afford three square meals a day.

“Today a regime comes and they are committed to shoe making,tomorrow another is here and are fixated on hairdressing.

“How do we grow as a people and a nation if every four years the agenda changes?

“Can’t there be an enactment of law for national development so that regardless of the sitting government we will grow at a sensible pace?

“Please think of the welfare of posterity by putting into practice laws that will shape the future of this nation and stop the needless selfishness”, Bulldog wrote

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