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GHAMRO: Kojo Antwi is a thief – Abirekyieba Sammy blows hot



There are strong indications that the controversies trailing the alleged contempt of the management of Ghana Music Rights Organization, GHAMRO under Chairman Kojo Antwi and his administration are yet to be settled.

This is just as renowned Ghanaian high life musician, Abirekyieba Kofi Sammy has said he would kill Kojo Antwi if he had a gun.

Sammy had declared war on Antwi, saying “God will punish him.”

Recall that during the emergency meeting of the GHAMRO at the Teachers Hall on Wednesday, which was held to discuss the unpaid royalties that has not been accounted for to musicians, Sammy cursed Antwi for allegedly worsening the plight of musicians.

His outburst had generated mixed reactions among GHAMRO members and some showbiz enthusiast present after which some urged him to apologize.

But in a chat with Razz Magazine, the ‘Yellow Sisi hit maker, when asked if he would consider tendering an apology to Antwi, said: “Thank you for your question.

“I really feel the pain; we have carried water and we carried foams; we’ve not seen someone like him before.

“Kojo Antwi’s regime is the worst, compared to that of Madam Betty Mould and Carlos Sakyi.

“I blame Kwame Ampadu for luring us into allowing Kojo Antwi to lead us.

“I don’t regret cursing Kojo Antwi by saying that God would punish him.

“They’re thieves. If i had a gun would shoot him to death and kill myself after.

“I cannot pay my tithe and grand children’s school fees all because Kojo Antwi and his administration have failed to pay my royalties.

“I repeat, God will punish Kojo Antwi if he never shows any sign of remorse,” the 77-year-old added.

Recall that the GHAMRO under Chairman Kojo Antwi had recently come under blast after Ghanaian music legend, Randy Nunoo said his administration had failed musicians and had not been accountable.


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I have always been a bad girl – Ebony



Dancehall musician, Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng popularly known as Ebony, has revealed that she has always been a bad girl long before she ventured into the music industry.

Ebony, who said she loves her bad girl nature, also debunked insinuations that her scanty dress sense was her own way of attracting attention to herself in an interview with Showbiz on Monday, adding that she has always worn skimpy and revealing clothes.

“The bad girl brand people see out there is a true representation of me. This is how I have been even before coming into the limelight.

“I don’t pretend to be who I am not. I am a very bad girl and there is nothing anyone can do about it. And I am proud to say it. I have nine piercings and a lot of tattoos all over my body and this is how I want to live my life,” she said.

She also has a word for those who may want to love her: “Love me for who I am because the whole Ebony brand comes with the package. How I dress, my tattoos, my hair and my colour comes with the Ebony brand and I want Ghanaians to accept that.”

On reports that she was sent out of the Passport Office recently because of her dressing, Ebony said the incident was absurd because their is nothing like a dress code for the passport office.

“I chose not to talk about it but I was very angry because there were ladies there with more revealing outfits but they were not asked to leave.”

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Recovered State Vehicle: John Dumelo faces car theft charges



The Supervisor of the Task Force on the Retrieval of State Vehicles, Kwame Baffoe, has revealed that the Bureau of National Investigations, BNI and the Criminal Investigations Department, CID, of the Ghana Police Service are preparing charges bothering on car theft against star actor, John Dumelo.

“The CID, the BNI are holding a docket on that and at the appropriate time, he will be arraigned before court and he should be charged for theft because this is a criminal offence.

“Very soon Ghanaians should expect Mr Dumelo to be prosecuted for allegedly stealing state cars.

“He should be charged for theft because this is criminal”, Baffoe said.

It would be recalled that Dumelo has been in the news since it became public knowledge that a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 belonging to the state was found in his possession.

“We approached him at the fitting shop, somebody alerted us, and then we went to the owner of the fitting shop and he [mechanic] admitted that indeed, John Dumelo brought the vehicle for remodeling.

“Then we approached John Dumelo, the chassis number and everything clearly show that the Government of Ghana is the importer of the vehicle in question. Then we called Dumelo [and asked him] who gave the vehicle to him, he mentioned the former First Lady’s name and then I said whether it has been transferred in his name or not we need the documents because there are so many vehicles that have been sold out and, if, indeed, it formed part of the vehicles that have been sold out, he should give us the documents.

“And he said he had no documents covering the vehicle and it had not been sold, it was given to him by the former First Lady. We are having all the documents concerning the car in question,” Mr Baffoe said in an interview with Joy FM.

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UK envoy mocks John Dumelo over recovered state vehicle



UK High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin, has indirectly thrown darts at legendary actor, John Dumelo, after he was accused of being in possession of a missing vehicle belonging to the State.

Recall that news made the rounds last week that Dumelo was nabbed by National Security operatives with the vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 said to be one of the 200 vehicles the presidency says are missing.

The vehicle, with chassis number JTMHVOJ2F4159829, 2015 model with full option, had been parked at the Office of the President Annex for almost one month.

Checks by the operatives indicated that the vehicle had been dismantled and was going through re-modeling, including re-spraying – with parts allegedly imported from Dubai.

According to reports, upon questioning, Dumelo initially said that the former First Lady, Lordina Mahama, gave him the vehicle.

In a swift twist, he reportedly made a U-turn, saying that he bought it himself.

However, a look at the car’s chasis number (VIN number) is said to have given him away.

Meanwhile, the actor turned down efforts to get his reaction.

When he was reached via telephone for his comments, he kept sealed lips.

John Dumelo told Daily Guide, “I wouldn’t like to comment about it.” .

While the dust raised by the allegation is yet to settle, tweets from UK High Commissioner to Ghana could pass as an innuendo and indirect mockery.

On his Twitter handle @JonBenjamin19, he wrote: “Off to a baby naming ceremony in Tema at my good friends’ Golda Addo.

“I’m in a non-V8 car which hasn’t been spray-painted.”

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