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GHAMRO: Kojo Antwi is a thief – Abirekyieba Sammy blows hot



There are strong indications that the controversies trailing the alleged contempt of the management of Ghana Music Rights Organization, GHAMRO under Chairman Kojo Antwi and his administration are yet to be settled.

This is just as renowned Ghanaian high life musician, Abirekyieba Kofi Sammy has said he would kill Kojo Antwi if he had a gun.

Sammy had declared war on Antwi, saying “God will punish him.”

Recall that during the emergency meeting of the GHAMRO at the Teachers Hall on Wednesday, which was held to discuss the unpaid royalties that has not been accounted for to musicians, Sammy cursed Antwi for allegedly worsening the plight of musicians.

His outburst had generated mixed reactions among GHAMRO members and some showbiz enthusiast present after which some urged him to apologize.

But in a chat with Razz Magazine, the ‘Yellow Sisi hit maker, when asked if he would consider tendering an apology to Antwi, said: “Thank you for your question.

“I really feel the pain; we have carried water and we carried foams; we’ve not seen someone like him before.

“Kojo Antwi’s regime is the worst, compared to that of Madam Betty Mould and Carlos Sakyi.

“I blame Kwame Ampadu for luring us into allowing Kojo Antwi to lead us.

“I don’t regret cursing Kojo Antwi by saying that God would punish him.

“They’re thieves. If i had a gun would shoot him to death and kill myself after.

“I cannot pay my tithe and grand children’s school fees all because Kojo Antwi and his administration have failed to pay my royalties.

“I repeat, God will punish Kojo Antwi if he never shows any sign of remorse,” the 77-year-old added.

Recall that the GHAMRO under Chairman Kojo Antwi had recently come under blast after Ghanaian music legend, Randy Nunoo said his administration had failed musicians and had not been accountable.


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