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We do not have expired anesthesia drugs, Tamale Teaching Hospital denies allegation



Following allegations it supplies expired anesthesia drugs, authorities at the Tamale Teaching Hospital has described the claim as as unfounded.

The reaction came after doctors at the facility claimed that patients suffered multiple complications following what they described as the intentional provision of expired anesthesia drugs.

The doctors had consequently withdrawn anesthesia services which affected activities at the hospital.

According to the doctors, they were compelled to take the decision due to management’s insistence that they use the expired anesthesia drugs.

But the facility’s Public Relations Officer, PRO, Ahmed Fareed, speaking on the ‘allegation’, said the doctors’ claims were preposterous and unfounded.

Fareed made this known on Starr FM on Thursday.

He said, “Authorities at the facility visited the medical stores following the claims but unfortunately, no expired drugs were seen.

“There is no point; at no point that the hospital supplied the anesthetics with any expired drugs.

“There was a memo to the Medical Director by the anesthetics withdrawing services for which they alleged that drugs provided them were expired drugs.

“Now tracing to the medical stores we realized that there was none, absolutely nothing of that sort in the medical stores which we call expired drugs or even that has an expiration period between now and the next three months.

“The agitating anesthetics have since shown remorse withdrawing their initial memo to the facility’s authorities, explaining that it was a miscommunication and since then till now they have been at work, working to save the lives of people.

“That is the state of the [Tamale] Teaching Hospital as far as the anesthetics are concerned and there are no expired drugs at the medical store.”

The PRO also debunked claims that authorities at the facility were currently being investigated by the Food and Drugs Authority, FDA.

Fareed said, “Never! There is no investigation going on by either BNI, CID or even the Food and Drugs Authority.”

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