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Stripping of Suspected Thief: Police say instant justice is a crime



The Ghana Police Service has reacted to the stripping and stoning of a suspected lady who was alleged to have stolen at the Kejetia Market in Kumasi, warning that instant justice is a crime on its own.

The video of the stripping and stoning by a mob has gone viral on the social media.

The Police Service, in a statement issued by its Director of Public Affairs, Cephas Arthur, said it was worried at the resurgence of instant justice where persons suspected to have committed criminal offences are attacked by mob and in some instances lynch them.

“Perpetrators of this unlawful and unfortunate practice are advised to desist from it and report all suspected criminals to the Police for the necessary action,” it said.

Warning that the act is a crime, the statement adds that persons who engage in metting out instant justice on suspected criminals are liable for prosecution.

The statement explained that no one is guilty of any offence until proven otherwise by a court and that instant justice “has no place in a democratic dispensation where rule of law operates as it violates the rights of persons who fall victims to it”.

The Police Service also disclosed that it has started using technology, including cameras, to arrest and prosecute persons who take the law into their own hands and exact instant justice.

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