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Commit suicide if you can’t change, Ahadzi tells homosexuals



The fierce opposition to homosexuality in Ghana took another turn on Monday, as an Cultural Anthropologist and senior member of the Afrikania Mission, Osofo Kofitse Ahadzi, has told gays to change their sexual orientation or commit suicide.

Contributing to the on whether the act should be accepted in Ghana or not. Ahadzi said the country must not accept it because it is not natural and does not conform to the customs of the people.

Osofo Ahadzi’s was reacting to a publication in which the General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana, Rev. Opuni-Frimpong, claimed that he had been under pressure by some donor agencies to be an ambassador for the acceptance of homosexuality in Ghana.

He said: “Even animals don’t behave this way. Can you see a he-goat mounting a he-goat? No. So why should human beings be doing that? And then you think that it’s your human right? Maybe is your human left. We can’t tolerate this in this country. They must give us a break.

“Was it David Cameron who said if we don’t accept homosexuality they won’t give us aid? Now are we being pushed to accept homosexuality because somebody will give us aid? Why can’t we develop ourselves? What can we get from the almond tree to help us grow well? We have all the plans that we need to cure our problems and not this homosexuality… We must think again.

“In the time of our ancient ancestors there was nothing like homosexuality. If you want to marry three or four women that’s fine. It’s been created that a man must marry a woman not a woman marrying a woman.”

The Anthropologist further counselled gays to “go and hang themselves” if they are not ready to change their ways.

“If they can’t live normal lives, they should go and commit suicide and save our generation from getting out of tune with reality,” he said.

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