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No difference between NPP and NDC – PPP



The Progressive People’s Party, PPP, has slammed the New Patriotic Party, NPP, government of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, describing it as same with the former National Democratic Congress, NDC, government.

According to the National Chairman of the PPP, Nii Alottey Brew Hammond, the NPP does not wield the magic wand to solve Ghana’s problems.

Brew Hammond, who addressed a press conference in Accra, said the PPP is disappointed in the NPP-led government so far.

The PPP chairman also expressed disappointment with the appointments so far made by President Akufo-Addo, describing them as superficial.

He further said that since the appointments so far made by the President since he assumed office on January 7, 2017 are a slap in the face of the all-inclusive government he promised as an opposition leader.

Brew Hammond, while analyzing areas the Akufo-Addo’s government has failed, itemized them as follows:

“A. Free SHS. While the President has unequivocally stated that Free SHS starts this September, it now appears that the budget caters only for first year SHS students. The PPP promised free continuous compulsory education from kindergarten to the end of senior high school with an estimated annual cost beyond one billion Ghana Cedis. We want to standardize school facilities from kindergarten to Senior High School with libraries, toilets, classrooms, kitchen, housing for teachers, playground, etc: and Ensure Free and Compulsory education in public schools from kindergarten to Senior High School (including significantly increasing ICT and Vocational training so that all school leavers gain employable skills). We want to enforce the compulsory aspect of the education policy that is part of the 1992 Constitution. The NPP must come clean – what does the Free SHS policy include? We need to know so we can track it and review it responsibly.

“B. It is clear that the administration is keeping most of the energy levies. Where will the money come from to pay legacy debts and new ones being piled on to buy power from Côte d’Ivoire and inputs? What is the schedule and when can the private sector really look forward to no “dumsor”? We need energy for Industrialization and Rapid Development to ensure maximum benefit and prosperity for all Ghanaians. We want to see solutions provided with a sense of urgency to meet domestic needs for industry and domestic use and make Ghana a net exporter of power again. “C. The one district one factory idea is to depend on the private sector for implementation. What are the incentives – tax, industrial infrastructure, and import prevention that the administration is prepared to put in place to facilitate private sector action? How does a strictly partisan NPP local government ensure that all Ghanaians get opportunity to participate in this? What about those local investors who have toiled for years without any help from previous NPP and NDC administrations?

“D. Kayayei Tax. What is Kayayei Tax and who are its “victims”. Are you a Kayayei only if you have recently migrated from the northern part of the country? What about if you are from any of the Zongos down south? If you are a Ga, Ashanti, or Ewe who carries goods for pay, are you exempt from “kayayei tax”? Or is this a political value proposition? And what does a kayayei really need? Not compulsory education? Not jobs in the three northern regions?”

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