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Proposed Merger: PPP cannot be trusted – PNC



The proposed merger of smaller political parties, civil society groups and individuals in the country has suffered its first setback, as the People’s National Convention, PNC, has said the party proposing the merger cannot be trusted.

According to the PNC, the Progressives People’s Party, PPP, cannot be trusted enough for it to agree to the merger proposed by it.

It would be recalled that the PPP, at a press conference addressed by its chairman, Nii Alottey Brew Hammond, had said it was willing to merge with smaller parties and civil society groups to come up with a strong third political force in the country.

However, the 2016 presidential flag bearer of the PNC, Edward Mahama, said the PPP, founded by Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, does not believe in the Nkrumahist ideologies, and therefore cannot seek for a merger with parties founded on those ideologies.

“Before the last election, we were in talks with the CPP. We were supposed to field one candidate and that didn’t hold so I will not put too much trust in what they are saying because I have seen it before several times; year after year. People are very dishonest about their intentions.”

“PPP said they are not Nkrumahists, we are Nkrumahists, so what kind of relationship do they want with us? It is true that he [Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom] is not an Nkrumahist, he left CPP, so if PPP wants unity, they should re-enter CPP, and PNC and CPP can have that relationship because we are both Nkrumahists.

“I don’t trust them [PPP] one bit. Why did he [Dr. Nduom] leave CPP in the first place and now he wants to unite with them. He should go back to CPP, then we will have Nkrumahist unity, or he should declare that he is an Nkrumahist, then we can have that relationship. We are Nkrumahist, whether we are losing elections or not, we are not running away from that label.”

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