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Deputy AG nominee vows to confront corruption headlong



The Deputy Attorney General nominee, Joseph Kpemka, has said that the government of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo will ensure that people implicated in corrupt scandals face the law.

The nominee, a member of Parliament representing Upper East Region, said he would, as part of mandate, ensure that the law is fairly applied even to government officials, to promote justice.

“We are going to pursue with all the might at our disposal and the legal arsenals available, and crush any cabal available to ensure that justice is done to this nation. We are dealing with law and not a country of men and might.”
He further indicated that, his Ministry will diligently deal with government contracts to ensure value for money.

“Challenges with the contractual agreements are triggered when we recklessly disregard the rules of procedure and laid down guidelines and take certain unilateral decisions sometimes in manners I will describe as autocratic. When you do any such and damn the consequences, it is the nation that suffers. We are going to read the contractual agreement and convince ourselves that anybody has not hidden anything.”

Kpempa also said he was ready to work with the Minister of Justice if his nomination is approved, to meet targets set out for the Ministry.

“When I go there, I will go there with an open mind, with absolute diligence and care. When I get there, I will take decisions that will help Ghana “

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