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Investigate Kintampo Falls tragedy, Minority charges govt



The tragedy that led to the death of 19 persons and injured 22 others at the Kintampo Falls on Sunday must be thoroughly investigated, the Minority in Parliament has told government.

The Minority Members of Parliament stated this in a statement on Monday to condole families of the bereaved, adding that a full scale safety audit must be carried out on all tourist destinations in the country.

Tragedy struck when a huge tree fell off from the top of the waterfall on scores of people swimming beneath the waterfall.

According to reports, most of those who lost their lives and those injured were students of the Wenchi Senior High School, and the University of Energy and Natural Resources.

The Minority MPs urged government “diligently carry full-scale investigations into the Kintampo Waterfalls incident and make the findings public.

“It has become necessary to reassure the Ghanaian populace and to forestall any similar future occurrence by carrying out an immediate safety audit of all tourist destinations with the view of guaranteeing the safety of revelers while also ensuring that Ghana’s international tourism brand is not made to suffer because of this incident which has attracted immense global media coverage.

“It is our hope and expectation that Government will assist in offering financial assistance to the injured to help them defray their medical expenses as was the practice when the NDC held political power. Perhaps, after 60 years of independence as a nation, we may now want to consider providing insurance cover for all our recognised tourist sites.”

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