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AG backs Philip Addison committee on Dubai trip



The Philip Addison led committee that investigated the Ameri power deal has received tacit support from the Attorney General, Gloria Akuffo, who said the committee was not compromised with the energy company funding its trip to Dubai.

According to the AG, who defended the committee while speaking on Eyewitness News, the AMERI-paid trip to Dubai was “a sensible position to take” in the circumstances it happened.

Continuing, the AG said the meetings forming part of the investigation into the deal were to take place in Accra but one of the representatives of AMERI indicated his or her unavailability, thus it became necessary that the meeting should be moved to Dubai.

She further disclosed that the Minister of Energy, Boakye Agyarko, put his foot down and said any possible trip by the 17-member committee was not going to be done on Ghana’s purse.

“The position taken by the minister was that, we are not going to bear the cost. We are not going to throw good money after bad. We have agreed that we hold the meeting here, we are trying to cut back on our losses and we would not be incurring additional debt to relocate to that place.

“So the other party [Ameri] said we are prepared to bear the cost. As to whether they were feted or given per diem, I do not know. I do not have anything on my desk. I do not know about these extra things being spoken about.”

Though the Minority in Parliament had alleged that the AMERI-funded trip to Dubai was an infringement on the part of the Philip Addison-led committee,
Gloria Akuffo however said there was no ill-intent on the part of the committee or AMERI in her own view.

“My understanding was that, it was a matter of engaging with a view of coming to some amicable resolution of the observations the committee had made in studying documents. It is not as though you have a policeman trying to catch a robber then the robber suddenly feeds him. I do not see it as that”, she said.

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