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Military vows to continue anti-galamsey operations despite Captain Mahama’s murder




The Ghanaian military has vowed to continue pursuing its anti-galamsey operations despite the gruesome murder of Captain Maxwell Mahama.

The Army Captain was killed by a mob who mistook him for an armed robber in Denkyira Obuaisi on Monday. He was posted to the area as part of the military’s anti-galamsey operations in the Western Region.

According to the Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Armed Forces, Colonel Aggrey Quarshie, the anti-lumbering and anti-galamsey operations will continue.

Soldiers of the nation’s armed forces had earlier called for a total boycott of anti lumbering and anti galamsey operations during a meeting between the hierarchy of the Armed Forces and the officers.

However, Colonel Quarshie, in an interview with Citi News, said the military is expected to pursue the fight against Galamsey even under unfavourable conditions, since they had taken an oath before they were employed.

“You are doing a job, and you swear an oath that says that you go wherever you are ordered, what does that mean? It means wherever your services are needed you must go and do the work.”

Speaking on the collaborative effort between the military and the police, Quarshie said since the Military has no power to prosecute, it has to collaborate with the Police on the matter.

“We don’t have the power to prosecute; so even if you go to do the investigations and you arrest whoever you want to arrest, it is still the Police that will do the prosecution so it is better to collaborate with them to do the job that is expected.”

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