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Action Movement goes tough on Rawlings attackers



A group affiliated to the opposition National Democratic Congress, NDC, the Action Movement, has sounded out a note of warning to those it said are constantly attacking former President Jerry John Rawlings to stop immediately or face their anger.

“There is no party builder in this country than our founder who has shown maturity and the spirit of unity in his 38th June 4th celebration”, the group said at a press conference addressed by its spokesperson, Kodzo Hamenya Keglo on Tuesday.

Singling out the Manging Editor of The Al hAJJ Newspaper, Alhaji Bature Iddrissu, Keglo said: “The Action movement has noted with dismay the unprovoked attack on our founder by Alhaji Bature on Adom TV last Monday, what has the founder Jerry John Rawlings said that we have not seen in this country in JM’s 4 years administration?.

“Alhaji Bature, we in the Action movement understand you very well. You cannot be sitting in a V8 vehicle bought for you by your pay masters and criticize them. You have been told to keep fighting the founder in order to protect your livelihood. That is how cheap you are” he added.

Accusing Bature of doing the biddings of the Mahama bloc of the NDC, the group said: “We are aware that Bature is on the pay role of the Mahama bloc, and he’s being used to cause disaffection for the founder all to further his parochial interest. It must be noted that the Mahama camp is pushing this agenda after the founder made a categorical statement that the lame horse and the `jockey should give way if they cannot resolve the issues that caused the NDC the 2016 defeat. Only those who do not mean well for the NDC will not appreciate the founder on that call.”

Continuing, Keglo, who dismissed Bature’s claims on Rawlings, said the group has it on record that the only time Rawlings met Bature was when he ( Bature) came begging for school fees for his children, while also daring him to come out and tell Ghanaians why he cannot travel to Togo again.

“Is it the case that he is wanted for criminal offences?

“We in the action movement are calling on the founder to continue from where he left off in Wa and Ashiaman, the founder must continue with the momentum in that regard. In order for the party to be cleansed of all the corrupt elements. The founder should not waste any moment of his time on elements such as Bature who are bent on destroying the party.

“It is our fervent prayer that God himself will give the founder, life beyond what men are wishing for him. Kwaku Anyidoho, we thank you for the strategic manner you handled the stage in Ashiaman”, the group said.

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