I did my job very well, Omane Boamah reacts to allegations he caused NDC defeat


The report of the Prof Kwesi Botchwey committee on the election defeat of the National Democratic Congress, NDC, has continued to generate reactions across the country, as the immediate past Minister of Communications, Omane Boamah, has denied allegations that he kept away vital information to himself which led to the defeat of the party at the 2016 elections.

The former minister was reacting to allegations by a prominent member of the party, Dr. Ibrahim Zuberu that he and the former Minister of Finance, Seth Terkper, were to be partly blamed for the defeat of NDC.

According to Dr. Zuberu, Omane Boamah and Seth Terkper refused to give out vital information to party communicators to counter the claims of the the opposition party, New Patriotic Party, NPP.

However, Boamah, in his response, insisted that he did his job very well as communications minister.

“This is untrue and most unfortunate, particularly at this time that our great party the National Democratic Congress is embarking on a healing process to recapture power in 2020”, he said, adding that he did his best possible to relay every information that was available to the ministry and fit for public consumption.

He further said he published a book “Accounting to the People”, which was also known as the Greenbook, outlining government’s achievements.

He also disclosed that speaking notes were regularly provided on topical issues to communicators on several platforms which included platforms with elected Executives of NDC, and that he also disseminated press statements widely on topical issues.

“I am guided by the tone and spirit of our noble and collective desire to heal, rejuvenate, reorganize, and to recapture power in the next three years and six months ahead” he added.

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