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Speaker reads riot act to MPs over sponsored trips



The Speaker of Parliament, Prof. Mike Ocquaye, has warned Members of Parliament that they will face serious sanctions if they fail to submit their reports after embarking on sponsored trips.

The Speaker was responding to criticism by the Majority Leader, Osei-Kyei Mensah-Bonsu on the failure of MPs to prepare reports on proceedings when they embark on assignments sponsored by the House.

The Majority Leader further stated that it was an unfortunate practice that has robbed Parliament of institutional memory forcing members to re-invent the wheel.

“The Business Committee has it worthwhile to remind delegations that travel outside in the name of Parliament upon their return to submit report to the House. There are supposed to be capacity building fora, workshops that members engage in and upon their return they are supposed to submit report to the House. Unfortunately and increasingly delegations that go out in the name of the House come back and don’t report on anything to the House as if they are fanciful excursion. Mr Speaker we’re not going to encourage such endeavours any longer”, Mensah-Bonsu said.

Responding, the Speaker warned that heavy sanctions would be imposed on members who fail to present reports after they return from such sponsored trips.

“Once you’re sent by Parliament to go on any mission whatsover when you come back you have to report. This report will be the responsibility of whoever leads, even if it is my goodself I’ll have to present a report to Parliament. It will help us to build institutonal memory, it will give us a point of reference with regards to many issues so that we don’t have to re-invent the wheel unnecessarily. A time may come when those who refuse to oblige may be refused to go on such visits. I trust that everybody will want to oblige”, the Speaker said.

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